Letters I have received about
the October/November Issue

Received At 09:00 AM 10/20/2004
Hay how are you!!!!!

I am very excited about your move to color. It is the most significant thing you could have done.

I have shared it with many people here at work and they are all impressed with it. I must say who ever did the photos should get a big reward for the top quality photos. The color and clarity are so good that you can almost taste the color if you know what I mean. The red and yellow color in some of the pictures just jump out at you. It is so good that people have “Man I wish I could do that stuff” people do now take notice of the magazine. I hope some will subscribe J well the may want it just for the pictures.

By the way I think these are maybe some of the best pictures you have published. But that may only be because it is in color.

I know it cost more to print in color but I believe you will get great rewards from going to color. I think companies will now be able to better display there adds and get more from there advertisement. I would not limit my self to just glass companies there are other companies like those that supply Oxygen to glass work and other related companies. Hay I know you have to do the selling and I know it get hard sometimes. But you have made such a big change here that I should now get much easer to sell.

You know you should not over look small computer companies that may want to sell an inventory program to your readers to track there products or manage there glass distribution.

ALSO DO NOT LOSE THE PRINT SHOP that did your printing. Pay them extra what ever it cost. They did a supper top end job for you and you should thank them. Not many printing companies would do so good of a job, in fact I think you would have trouble finding another quality printer as this one. The color registration for the pictures is perfect I don’t think you could get any better.

That is also what makes the pictures so alive and bright.

I don’t know if you can tell how excited I am about you going to color but is the Best, Greatest, Fantastic, Most Excellent, Terrific, thing you could do.

And the pictures well if you did not take them you need to hold on to that person this is good stuff and excellent subjects.


"Bob" <robxxxx@windows.microsoft.com>
Windows Server UA / SDK
WSPLab (Server UA test lab)
Microsoft Corporation

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